Canva Mod

Canva Mod APK 2.202.0 (Unlock Premium)

Version 2.202.0
Capacity 20MB
Installed on Google Play
Support Android 4.1+

Canva Mod is an application for editing photos, videos, designing Logos, etc. on mobile for free is extremely convenient. This application is extremely hot right now with millions of downloads, and a very high 5-star rating. It can be said that this is a collection of tools for professional photo and video editing. In addition, Canva Mod can also help you design Logi, banner, ..v.v.

Let’s find out with MODVUI.COM what Canva Mod has!

Download Canva Mod Unlocked Premium – Free graphic design software on mobile

Maybe you already know or don’t know Canva, the Canva Mod version I introduce to you is an improved version compared to Canva, specifically in this version you will be able to unlock Premium for free. If other mod versions, in other places, you want to download it, it will cost a pretty expensive fee. But now it’s available for free at

Premium is the highest feature in this application, when you unlock Premium, everything here you can use.

Features of Canva Mod – Graphic Design on Mobile

Edit videos professionally, you will not be able to ignore Canva Mod if you want to have the best and most beautiful videos for yourself. If you are lazy to design, here are video templates, you just need to add your video and everything will be done. If you want to design your own, the basic tools of all video editing applications in Canva Mod are available.

Photo editing: With photo editing tools, there are now many examples such as Picsart, photo360, ..v., but to talk about professionalism, Canva Mod is still better, Canva Mod can also be used directly on website, Will be great photos that you create yourself at Canva Mod. Basic features of a photo editing application such as: Crop, flip, rotate, adjust size, brightness, saturation, sharpen, blur, remove fonts, etc. In addition, you can add text with many different font styles.

Logo design, graphics are extremely diverse with thousands of templates available. If you want to design your own, you can skip the template, When using you will find with a wide range of tools, there is nothing that you cannot find here.

Not only that, at Canva Mod you can also create beautiful presentation slides. Because here there are countless fonts for you to choose from that you can’t find anywhere else.

Canva Mod – Thousands of Features

You may be wondering, is it difficult to use with so many features?

You can rest assured that with the layout of Canva Mod, everything is very simple and easy to use. There are multiple languages for you to choose from. With only swipes and touches, you can use it smoothly.

A great application like Canva Mod can’t be ignored right, Please quickly download Canva Mod to your phone right away.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Premium Unlock


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version from your device before downloading the MOD

Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 months trước

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