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You may not know Zombie age 2 is a game released by Divmob. is evoked to open great battles to resist attacking zombies. With action role-playing style. When participating in the game you will be transformed into a character, who exists after the apocalypse. Use the provided weapons to attack the enemy, in order to wipe out all zombies. Also practice the tasks according to the level of the game to challenge yourself. This game is part 2 of its predecessor, using the same information as part 1 but with many new features. With many newly added functions to increase the attractive feeling. At the same time, the graphics built in the way of animation are worth the better picture

Download Zombie Age 2 Mod APK – Use guns to resist the scary crowd of zombies

Continuing the information of Zombie Age about the journey to survive the apocalypse. In this second part we will have to deal with many bigger challenges. Countless things to do are exposed with detailed conditions that need to be done. Each must-do corresponds to a level of play. Use the weapons provided for protection, to protect yourself and survive in a world of many dangers. Potentially fatal at any time if not careful. When immersed in combat, there is no other decision other than attack. Only when going beyond zombie tendencies to stay alive and get the job done. Only then will you be able to go away to complete a level.

Various zombies in Zombie Age 2

Follow each level to do zombie shooting missions. We will have to deal with a multitude of different enemies. it’s normal zombies, mummies, enjoy begging and more. They are built in a unique way. Able to be easily recognized through appearance, appearance, and blood-stained clothing. Based on that, zombies not only rush to get close and create losses without intermediaries. It also has the ability to prepare weapons to attack. For example, many types of zombies will use guns and shoot from long distances. This will make you need to be alert when you see their presence. Because otherwise, it will be very easy to get hit by bullets, reducing the amount of health and increasing the mortality rate.

Countless tasks that you need to perform in Zombie Age 2 Mod

Each level that survives the crowd of zombies in Zombie Age 2 will need to perform a detailed assignment. For example, record a sufficient amount of items from attacking an enemy, which will randomly drop and pick up. Migrate to reach the total recommended length of the road, expressed in meters. Or destroy zombies with a specified amount. For example, shoot down 20 zombies and mummies. Much more to be done will be revealed after the new levels are reached.

Quest rewards are obtained through the number of stars achieved

At each must-do will be the sequence exposing 3 detailed conditions. Corresponding to the achievements gained since the end of the battle will be said to be over the number of stars. Each star will correspond to a completion condition. For example, kill the enemy according to the amount given, in the end the battle is fought in a limited time and won. from there will achieve outstanding achievements with the most stars. Based on the entry level and the number of stars obtained. We will receive an appropriate amount of money and experience points.

Your mission will get harder and harder

The difficulty of the assigned task will increase when entering the next level. With many transformations to challenge your industry of existence. Not only will the number of zombies that need to be cleared or items to be recorded will be larger than before. But there appeared many new types of enemies with more outstanding conditions. Describe through the resignation from your bullets, because their health has improved. Also deals greater damage, causing your health to rapidly decrease since being hit.

More than 30 types of guns with different damage for you to choose

Do you want to improve your fighting ability? and adjust the attack more richly ? Use new weapons in the next battles. The game features more than 30 different weapons distributed by the chain. With such an extensive selection, it will help you decide on the right weapon. Such as shotguns, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, laser guns and more. The difference between them is not only expressed through style. Which is said to be through damage and ammo.

What features does this Zombie Age 2 Mod have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original Zombie Age 2 version before downloading the MOD

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