Call of Duty Mobile MOD APK 1.8.39 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Costumes, Aimbot, ESP)

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Call of duty mobile is a shooting game that is loved around the world. Because this is a game with information revolving around climactic battles. Highlights are also reproduced with very authentic visual and sound coordination. Based on that is projected vivid lips on the battlefield. At the same time, it is the value of a clear picture and realistically projected sound. Outstanding performance will not lag and jerk, most likely to play very smoothly. Here you will be a warrior provided with a variety of weapons to immerse yourself in the matches. Compete with other opponents in many game modes to show your talent. The purpose of survival and killing in total to become the winner is great.

Download Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK – become a gunner to practice competitive jobs

The commitment is elicited to open up great gun battles at the start of the game. Here the distribution chain of a rich collection of weapons. Includes countless different guns for you to use in the fight. Many types can be listed such as m4, m4lmg – black gold, ak117 – balloons, striker – lightwave and ul739 – zombie gene. Better yet, you’ll find out from the moment you get into the game. However, they should pay to be available. Approving the shop has the ability to freely decide to buy the weapon you like. The difference between them is expressed through the type, color strain. Along with that, it is also said to be specific through specifications such as damage, rate of fire, accuracy, mobility, firing distance and command.

Types of firepower and supporting machinery

Nearby the guns are used as the main weapon to attack the enemy. You also have the ability to use a variety of other firepower to attack. Includes bombers, rockets, and nukes. Each type of firepower has a strong destructive power that can cause damage on a large scale. Based on that, we will direct bombers from the sky to the designated area. Immediately after that, a large explosion will be made to cause all enemies within the explosion to lose blood and even die. Similarly, other types of firepower will have different attack patterns and destructive power. Moreover, it is also possible to save ammo in many essential cases. However, it should be noted that the supporting equipment is limited in quantity.

Practice the things the old man can do

Attending the mobile phone call of duty game also has to do too many different assigned tasks. Based on that, the chain will make clear calls for each thing to do. For example, challenge yourself in 2 mp battles, kill 3 enemies in a royal match. Or win in 2 life-and-death battles. In addition to being alive against enemies in a survival battle to win. There are many other assigned tasks that will be clearly presented and should be completed. At the same time, the difficulty of the new thing to do will also increase. The conditions given will not be easier than before to test your ability. However, at the same time, the reward received when done is likely to be more valuable and larger.

Themes play with their own rules

The biggest difference of the game from other shooting games is in the mode. Based on that, there are many shooting modes with different themes. You have the ability to join to show off your skills and compete with other shooters. Includes search and destroy, team death match, hard point, frontline and domination. There is also the subject of survival struggle with the largest participation of one hundred gunmen. In each topic, it will be suggested to create a struggle in its own way of playing. Along with that, the principle of winning and losing will be displayed unevenly by the chain. Requires the user to have an exposure condition for the possibility of winning. From there, it is also possible to rise to the leaderboard, known by many other shooters for their achievements.

In addition to the above modes, call of duty phone also has a battle royale mode. With the participation of many gunmen on the huge battlefield. User needs must be with their experience, with the equipment being applied. In this mode, there is no faction, each shooter will be one person and can race together. Almost like games not like battle royale mode. Shooters will have limited range of action over time, which will gradually shrink. This caused the fights to happen continuously, which also meant that the number of players dwindled quickly. The last person standing on the field after the battles wins.

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