King of Crabs MOD APK 1.16.2 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Pearls, Unlock all Crab)

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king of crabs mod apk is an online survival game inspired by crabs. Instead of having to fight with few other players in a gunfight like mobile pubg, now you have to be active for the goal of becoming the king of crabs. However, your crab should use a lot of different weapons to fight and wipe out other crabs. In this way, you are getting bigger and stronger. If you create the last crab that exists on the map, you win with the reward of gold coins and trophies. It’s ideal to be able to enjoy a new way of playing existence like this, isn’t it? Don’t lose your chance to rank up the fastest through the wars and dress up your own to become the king of the ocean. In addition, you can compete with your friends online or form a group to fight together. What could be more rewarding than this?

download king of crabs mod apk – fast-paced online survival gameplay

If you need to find a different sense of existence, then this game will leave you feeling satisfied and satisfied. This game has dozens of consensus modes you can play on your own or with friends. In addition, it has a simple and close control solution platform. Don’t gesture a lot, instead, you should plan smartly to win. This makes every battle in the game more realistic. However, the progress of the competition is constantly improving because you have up to a hundred real users on the battlefield. Commitment wars are always explosive and magnificent, leaving you with no seconds to relax. The fighting effects are always lively, stimulating your enjoyment.

Discover fascinating battles

Until now, the game has two main modes, pve and pvp. In first mode you have the possibility to have challenges that exist in series of levels. Your job is to win other crabs on the map to win and be able to unlock the next level. With the growth of your level comes the improvement of the enemy. Therefore, the battles through the levels are always in balance, making you practice your ability and survival plan at high speed. Meanwhile, the pvp mode is even more attractive when we join the online arena to compete and earn a ranked draw. Your opponents are real individuals with unique abilities and clever plans. You have to be on your guard at all times to make the king of every arena.

Compared to other online survival games, this game control solution platform seems to be somewhat easier. You just need to use the joystick to control how your crab moves on the map. At the same time, you need to combine with the attack to defend the crab’s hp in each encounter without intermediaries. You also have a key ability to use, but you should wait for the mana bar to fill up. At that time, it was just one click to deploy the technology. You can use it when there are many enemies around to customize the damage that the ability gives. Usually it creates a big explosion with excellent effects and sudden destructive power.

Build and strengthen your crabs

Before each battle in this game, you have the ability to freely build and decorate the crab character to accompany you in the battles. There are lots of fun things to do with crabs, such as hats and paint colors. In the shop, we will identify a lot of unique hats from police hats, highbow hats, cloth hats and more. In addition, you are also likely to unlock many different types of crab warriors arranged in order from frequent to rare and great. The higher the crab on the control board, the more power and bigger the size. If you are most likely to have the rights to the great crabs, you are the richest person at the very beginning of the battle.

However, no matter what you have, the other players are likely to be more perfect than you. Therefore, do not forget to raise the level of your crab character and turn it into a true killer on the battlefield. After each upgrade, we will help fix the three key stats of crabs including progress, damage and hp. Not to mention, to help gain the upper hand in combat, you should circulate around the map and search for weapons. There are quite a variety of different weapons such as hammers, knives, sticks, swords and more.

Good 3d visuals, sound and effects

The visual value of the game will please you. Because it is built on 3d basis, for realistic photo and vivid effect. These crabs have very rich and super cool construction. In addition, every movement and their behavior on the battlefield is very smooth, almost lacking in lag. The game environment is equally rich, including a number of different localities from coastal to fishing village, deep expression and beyond. Discover the beauty of each place as you fear on the battlefield.

So, if you are looking for an enjoyable survival experience, give king of crabs a try. It will catch your eye for a long time with online survival battles with many individual players. Show your ability to beat other crabs and become the king of crabs. Victory gives you bonuses for shopping and tweaking, and trophies for promotion.

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