War and Defense: Art of Battle Mod

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War and Defense: Art of Battle Mod is a game that allows you to be built, control troops to attack or defend, so it is necessary to have a reasonable attack – defense strategy to be able to easily fight. win. The game is provided by Hype Games FZE LLC, there are many new things, let’s join MODVUI.COM to experience this game!

Download War and Defense: Art of Battle Mod APK – An extremely attractive defense and attack simulation game.

The castle defense style of play occurs in the game. As a manager, he is authorized to lead all activities. From defending to deploying attacks to enemy territory and fighting. Based on that, it is necessary to use resources to recruit soldiers. At the same time, ensure that resources are gathered so that the ability to attract more organizations and increase volume. To shape a powerful army ready for battle. When fully prepared, you must lead your army back and forth to enemy territory. If the people of the two sides confront each other, a brutal battle will take place. The battle will last until the stronghold of one of the two sides is destroyed.

How to use money – gold in the game War and Defense: Art of Battle Mod

During the battle to defend the castle in the game War and Defense: Art of Battle Mod. In front of each faction’s stronghold there will most likely be resource mines. Use the little money you get at first to attract workers. From there, you can collect to make a stable income over time. Based on that, you have the ability to recruit organizations of soldiers and increase their numbers. Aim to create a strong army to prevent counterattack from the enemy team. And have enough power to go into their territory and capture the stronghold.

In addition to using gold coins to lure organizations. You should also use gold bullion to lure. However, you need to pay attention, gold bars have a larger value, so only use when absolutely necessary. Based on that, a gold bar has the ability to attract an organization of soldiers. Instead of having to spend a large amount of gold to be able to attract, consider and calculate carefully!

Capture modes and lots of quests to complete

Defend the castle according to the program mode of the game, with more than 50 missions waiting for you to explore. Each to-do evokes a battle between the two factions. Based on that you are forced to describe the plan of an individual leader. Create your own army to attack the enemy. The leader of the insurgent organization approached the initial enemy strongholds. This will reduce the protection stat until it is exhausted to destroy the rampart. From the moment of victory will complete a mission. Along with that, you will receive attractive rewards including gold coins, gold bars and elixir. Depending on the difficulty of the assigned work, you will receive a reward with the corresponding amount.

Million soldiers, plotting schemes

Gear up for the ability to fend off enemies in city defense battles. You have the ability to attract many different organizations. Including, infantry, archers, cavalry, catapults, and witches, etc. Each unit has its own important role in the defense process. For example, workers have to gather resources, archers shoot arrows from a distance, soldiers ride horses. Or the catapult can shoot large destructive rocks from a long distance. And yet, these organizations are also said to be an abundant source of energy through numbers. The role is different but absolutely indispensable. Including attack, defense, the ability to go fast or slow, recognize your own talents and timing.

Create a defense strategy when attacked

After many wars, forced to fight various military enemies. They are not just soldiers of kingdoms. It’s zombies, skeletons, monsters and more. Each enemy can have multiple units, built in a unique way. The difference between the armed forces of the enemy sides is reflected in the weapons used by the agencies. They are more likely to hit melee with swords and knives. Or attack from long range while using the abundant energy of the evil path and archery. It is better to learn one by one.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Potion


  • Not update

Note: Delete the original version in use before downloading the MOD

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