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In the games of the action genre, Truck Driver City Crush Mod is the best and most unique. No one can describe this game in words due to its very amazing and attractive features. In this game, the player has to face many dangerous situations when trapped among the police during illegal work.

Many people associate this game with GTA. However, there are many aspects that players cannot find in GTA. For example, complete more in-game challenges, more objective missions where robberies and murders are considered normal.

Join MODVUI.COM to learn about this fascinating and great action game!

Main features of the latest Truck Driver City Crush Mod 2022

  • Join the real-time shooting car race on your journey to become a world famous gangster henchman.
  • Complete every mission with advanced weapons and vehicles, giving you more benefits.
  • With simple controls and engaging story, join the game, regularly upgrade your character and fulfill his requests.
  • With unlimited money, the Mod version is ad-free, which will make gamers get a unique gaming experience in the action role-playing environment.

Explore the game with addictive controls

Android gamers will immerse themselves in Truck Driver City Crush Mod with simple controls and intuitive user interface. When starting out, players can also take a beginner course to get familiar with the gameplay. Street racing game by effectively controlling the character with an accessible movement system.

Now is the time to get some fun from the third-person combat controls where players will enjoy shooting with an intuitive firing system. The detail of each other item makes it easy to control the character and play the game.

Exciting storyline in Truck Driver City Crush Mod

In the race of criminals, Truck Driver City Crush Mod is a game with a true story. The whole story revolves around shooting, fighting, racing, plotting and puzzle solving as the novice player wants to become a famous gangster.

Here you can commit many criminal acts and robberies, with each passing day he gets stronger. You can enjoy the ultimate fight in this game where you start as a novice gangster and transform into the one who scares everyone.

Many tasks for you to perform

While completing the main storyline, there will be many quests with interesting gameplay waiting for you. Complete these missions and enjoy additional missions where you will discover amazing gangster experiences. On this exciting journey, collect rewards and prizes after completing the challenges to move on. The important factor is that when you complete some tasks, the next ones will become more and more difficult. So that the difficulty level will increase when completing every mission.

Best of all, the features of Truck Driver City Crush Mod are only useful and fun without ads. With this feature, you can start your perilous journey without being interrupted by external sources such as ads and sponsored content.

What features are in this MOD Version?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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