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Theotown Mod is a game that gives you an extremely large area to create a modern city. The forest surrounded by a large amount of vegetation is what you see at the beginning. This location is treated like a miniature town and supports the user motto to progress according to the schedule. Transforming the landscape first with blocks, the vegetation will be reduced and replaced by a series of convenient roads. People’s lives are gradually becoming more convenient and vehicles are increasing. You will be like the mayor who has a vision to develop that town. There is a large strip of land full of development potential, users will arrange this place into a super-rich capital that attracts attention. Please do the construction gradually to promote the early completion of the pace.

Download Theotown Mod APK – Extremely attractive miniature town simulation game on mobile

Theotown Like some other city-building games, But Theotown has a very high level of player attraction, as shown in downloads. Although this is not a 3D design game, it is good because of its simplicity. Everything in a real-life city will be in Theotown Mod, New update updates will change with the current era, which helps the game not to be outdated, outdated.

Theotown Mod is an upgraded version with more features compared to the original, here Theotown Mod gets a lot of money right when you start playing the game, helping you not get bored because of the initial poverty and give up, You will I have a headache because I don’t know how to spend all this money.

Your small city is surrounded by extremely romantic sea, Real space includes extremely interesting day and night, at night the scenery, the street lights light up is the time to see that masterpiece. However, at first, this is just a forest that needs to be developed by you.

Diversified transportation system

In addition to the newly appearing blocks, users also need to create rich traffic control systems. Train stations, airports, bus stops are public tools that play a key role in reducing congestion. Come up with a few workarounds, such as limiting traffic to your target audience or opening up new roads. When the city has really grown, it is impossible to ignore the development of more roads. This has an indirect effect on the affairs of the inhabitants of theotown.

The main source of energy in Theotown Mod

Electricity and water are the key things that help improve the lives of many people living in urban areas. Let’s create a source of mutual energy for trees, people and life for citizens. You can make these from solar energy, or from hydroelectric dams…etc. Water is also very important, so use it wisely. Theotown Mod will give you many things to handle. As a leader, choose the right time to take the city away from difficulties, Grow as quickly as possible.

Create a beautiful wonder of the world

You can’t miss Theotown’s distinct iconic structures. For example, the Eiffel Tower, monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, or other structures help you create important marks for this place. Spend some money to increase the beauty and make more people aware of the city you made yourself. The population is increasing day by day, so let’s gradually exploit the nearby forest. A forest by the sea full of opportunities to develop through the hands of the user it will be a wonderfully beautiful residential area. The tall buildings, the river adjacent to the city, the modern transport chain, the port … The game gives you the ability to break the way to endlessly progress from a forest land. Download theotown mod equipped with a roadmap for urban development and rapid growth in addition.

What features does this Theotown Mod have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Note: Delete the original Theotown version on your device if you have it before downloading Theotown Mod

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