The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod

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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod is about pirates and the game belongs to the tactical action genre. If you love pirate movies, then this game is a great choice for you to explore and experience an exciting cruise in the famous Caribbean. Good storyline, engaging gameplay, great graphics are what can be described about this game. Learn about this pirate game with MODVUI.COM through the article below!

The plot in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod offers a great experience about the battles of pirates on the ocean. You enter the heart of the Caribbean in the age of piracy. You discover the age of black flags and white skulls, waves and opportunities to get rich from gold. You use the “Jolly Roger” flag and take command to create powerful battles and raids. You win by defeating a warship, then collect ransom and treasure to become the “Crimson King” of the vast ocean.

The gameplay of The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod offers dozens of different types of ships, and you customize the number of ships to fight to your liking, you also have the option to use a variety of ammunition and weapons. You can then upgrade your ship and develop your character from the rewards. The game has a lot of features, hundreds of islands and dozens of portals, extremely interesting mini games. The game emphasizes reality through convenient navigation models such as real ships, time (day/night) and vast ocean space.
Get ready to become a powerful pirate king, and command the pirates to fight the enemy in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt. You build huge bases and own powerful ships, and a variety of heavy weapons. The game takes you to the beautiful blue seas, the white sands without people. The game is easy to get used to as you get many detailed instructions, and specific instructions help you control your boat quickly and accurately.

The controls in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod

How to control your ship is illustrated through the flexible steering wheel to the right of the phone screen. This intuitive control makes it easy to control the ship and gives a very realistic feeling like riding on an actual ship. If you get lost, check the compass in the left corner. The command buttons are conveniently placed and it only takes a few hours for you to get used to everything.

Graphics and sound in The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is very impressive graphically. All scenes are inspired by Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. Therefore, you will see huge ships, rough and clear ocean floor. All are beautifully designed and come to life with true-to-life colors. Players will always have great feelings and full of fun.
The characters are designed in detail and extremely vivid. You’ll see crew members with smooth sailing movements, beautiful bullet effects, and massive military structures. All contribute to create a magical, majestic scene. The game uses two cycles of day and night, the alternating change also creates a new and interesting feeling for the player.
The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt has great sound quality as it helps to evoke the feeling of mysterious ocean waters. The music changes accordingly to help you feel the calm of the ocean with whispering waves or soft, melodious background music. You will feel the dangerous fierceness with intense battles carried by the background music with fast tempo, intense rhythm and loud cannons. It sounds like a powerful catalyst, and players feel almost completely different emotions on an emotional level.
In summary, The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt Mod succeeds in providing a great experience of the pirate journey in the middle of the ocean. The game has good gameplay, an intuitive interface that makes it easy for players to get used to it in a very short time.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited skill points
  • Remove ads


  • Not update
Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD
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