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You are ready to participate in exciting tank battles in Tank Stars Mod where gamers can enjoy exciting battles with all super tanks. Here you can freely choose from a variety of weapons and tanks, which allows you to have fun in many special ways. Join MODVUI.COM to learn about this great game and its interesting features through the article below!

Interesting stories and games

In Tank Stars Mod, gamers will have the opportunity to enjoy the exciting gameplay of tank shooting. In it you can control amazing tanks with amazing power. Here, you are immersed in exciting tank battles through many different levels. Just make sure to choose the right root for your gun and unleash awesome bullets with unique explosive effects. You can take down your opponents by blowing them up with bullets to win.

Besides, you also enjoy the game with a variety of weapons, unlocking many special upgrades to make the most of your available tanks and weapons. In addition, the manufacturer also developed many tactics for each level in the game, each level has its own unique features. You can also enjoy exciting online matches with your friends and other online players.

Special features in Tank Stars Mod

Exciting levels with escalating gameplay

In the game Tank Stars Mod, players can enjoy exciting levels with escalating gameplay and many features unlocked for free. Get ready to immerse yourself in exciting battles through each level. At the same time, scary opponents with increasing strength through each level, will definitely make the game more interesting.

Awesome tanks with upgradeability

Here you get to enjoy interesting tank models with many unique abilities and amazing looks. You can choose any machine you love and participate in great battles. Enjoy unique abilities and get the most out of the tank of your choice.

The arsenal is full of awesome

When participating in the game, you enjoy great experiences with a variety of incredible weapons, each of which will provide its own battle mechanism. Take advantage of the weapons available on any tank to make your perfect sweeps.

Addictive and fun online game

Here, you can play with your friends and many other players from all over the world in epic tank battles. Feel free to immerse yourself in real-time matches whenever you’re ready and have fun with real players.

Unlock many attractive features with Mod version

With the original version you will often be bothered by ads and have to make in-app purchases. Thus, the Mod version was born, unlocking all the features in the game, no ads appear to bother you. Besides, it also activates the unlimited money feature, allowing you to enjoy the game for free.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in exciting tank battles from Tank Stars Mod, have fun discovering amazing tanks with amazing power! With the Mod version, unlock many attractive features, allowing you to make the most of your arsenal.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Mod menu
  • Unlimited Money, Coins.
  • Unlocked Tanks
  • Disabled Training

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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