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In Talking Tom Gold Run Mod, there was a cat running after a thief who stole a lot of gold and that gold was spilled on the road, extending to where the thief’s truck was. There are many barriers that stand in the way of Tom as he tries to chase and catch the thief to punish him. Explore the obstacles with MODVUI.COM to help Tom catch the thief!

Overview of Talking Tom Gold Run Mod

When participating in the game, you will be playing the role of Tom, you will try to run after the yellow bricks falling from the thief’s truck and must try your best not to miss even a single brick. There will be many obstacles that stand in your way, like many different locations, different paths and directions that you will choose to chase that thief.

There are a lot of very difficult obstacles, so you have to be very careful not to miss any mission while chasing the thief. You can enjoy Talking Tom Gold Run Mod by downloading it from Google Play store.

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod’s gameplay and style

You will enjoy unlimited car racing while chasing the thief who stole gold. There are many different beautiful and impressive places that Tom passes through. Through this incredible game you can join your friends and progress along with them.

Besides, you will see many different forms of Tom because in this version all characters are unlocked. In addition, there are many interesting modes such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. It gives excellent sound and image quality. You will have good running skills when participating in this game.

In this Mod version of Talking Tom Gold Run there will be no ads to interrupt your game. In addition, you also have unlimited money and gold for you to pass the current level and enter the next level.

Attractive features in Talking Tom Gold Run Mod

Boost speed and free ads

You can increase your speed by using a few more rockets to run faster in minimum time. You can buy rockets with the gold you collect from the thief’s truck.

In addition, in Talking Tom Gold Run Mod you will not see any ads appear to interrupt the game.

Quality picture and sound

In Talking Tom Gold Run Mod there are many interesting images and sounds with perfect brightness and contrast that are very attractive. There are many very soothing music that will play in the background, this music will definitely not bore you.

Nice place to build a house

In Talking Tom Gold Run Mod, there are many places to build beautiful houses and attract your attention. In addition, there are many different roads and locations that you will pass.

Besides, you can also build a house in this game from the bricks that Tom tried to collect on the way.

In the game Talking Tom Gold Run Mod, Tom is a main character who runs after a thief who stole gold and collects a lot of gold that he has dropped on the way to his truck. The bricks that Tom collects can be used to build houses and buy necessary items. This game is available on the Google Play store, you just need to download it to be able to experience it.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Money increases on spending
  • Ads removed


  • Not update

Note: Delete the original before downloading the MOD

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