Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod

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Stick Warfare: Blood Strike is a tactical military action game for android and ios with intense and fierce gun battles. The context of the game is chaotic and a large-scale campaign depicts the war against terrorists in the air and on the ground with the main character being a stickman.

Let’s experience this exciting game with MODVUI.COM!

Download Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod – Stickman game to fight terrorism


Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod is an action game with very simple graphics with a side view from the cameraman. In our stickman game we will have to confront extremely dangerous and powerful opponents alone, our opponents are equipped with the most advanced weapons. We players will control a skinny stickman participating in shooting with another warrior with a completely different tactic. To be able to destroy the enemy, our stickman needs to use a vast arsenal of weapons and costumes with the most powerful features. When participating in battle, gamers need to react quickly and smoothly with the best support from the arsenal and costumes.

Gameplay of Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod

When entering the game, gamers will have to participate in battles between stickmen in a super attractive and extremely dramatic way with many dangers lurking, gamers should avoid enemy attacks and shoot back. they. The task of each gamer is to destroy all the stickmen in turn to pick up all the items and money of the opponent. After that, gamers will use the money they have picked up to upgrade their own strength and buy the most advanced weapons with the most advanced combat power to easily overcome the next opponents.


Features in the game Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod

  • Various game modes
  • Easy to control and move
  • A lot of super attractive skills
  • Diverse arsenal
  • Graphics in the game Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod

With a simple graphic design, it brings a high level of emotion to the player. Not diverse in terms of images and colors in the game, but Stick Warfare: Blood Strike has always attracted special attention from players, reflected in the number of downloads. Accompanying the image is a lively and dramatic sound system.


What are you waiting for without quickly downloading Stick Warfare: Blood Strike Mod to your phone to fight right away with friends.

What is the feature in the MOD version?


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock all weapons and costumes


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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