Snowboard Master 3D Mod 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money)

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Snowboard Master 3D Mod is a competitive ski game. Take the situation in an environment of cold winter days. The peaks are covered with snow, creating racetracks for skiers. Based on that is suggested opening the races to compete through the slopes. Aim towards the destination at the end point at the foot of the mountain. This is a game in the category of sports games. Graphically built with clear 3D bases. Re-project the environment with authentic and vibrant surroundings. With that comes the coordination of the intuitive driving solution platform. With realistic physics solution background that happens during skiing. Committed to bringing useful races for you to compete with other competitors.

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Phe has an extremely realistic 3rd person perspective. From there, combine the same object of skiing to immerse yourself in the race. Use an intuitively built driving solution platform to practice behavior. With a streamlined information connection to correct usage for users. in the left corner of the screen will display a virtual icon like a joystick with arrows. What’s more, the right corner shows 4 different ski behaviors. Based on that, you should and nimble between control functions to shape the top skiing phase. Get flawless jumps while drifting down a snowy mountaintop. Aim to get as many achievement points as possible.

Single or competitive skiing

Ski races are held in real time. in each race is evoked in the stage of the snowy mountain environment. Based on that we will compete with opponents unlike the participation of up to four people. Or single practice the act of sliding through the hills. Depending on the race, different skiing topics will be suggested. However, no matter what the subject of skiing. The only goal one should aim for is actually a stop at the foot of the mountain. At the same time, it is necessary to complete the tasks clearly displayed in each race. That basis to prove his skiing ability. And can get valuable titles.

Assignment in each race

Each ski race at Snowboard Master 3D Mod has the potential to have 3 different offers that you need to implement. Consists of being at the destination to finish the race, last within the time limit and get the minimum number of achievement points specified. Just like the beginning of the ski levels drifting down the slopes of the snowy peaks. You should score at least 900 points or more and finish in a maximum of one hundred seconds. Or compete with other competitors in the race. Not only asking for the number of points, but also asking you to be present at the destination with the specified location. Only by having all the bases exposed in each race will it be possible to successfully complete what has to be done.

The challenge increases steadily

The difficulty will be increased after completing a ski race. With many transformation things to challenge your ability. The terrain is built more difficult with the presence of obstacles. At the same time, the route from the starting line on the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain will have a longer distance. The technology of the opponents will improve in competitive races. And the condition to be fulfilled will be exposed to higher demand. For example, the number of achievement points to be obtained will be larger than before.

Performing off-road stunts is the most challenging for skiers. But it is also possible not to waste this to show talent. Go through the slopes from the top of the mountain down. That process doesn’t just have to dodge obstacles. But to present the techniques to shape the ski phase without defects. For example, do not waste the launch pad to jump into the air, have the ability to rotate 360 degrees, do somersaults to increase achievement points. However, you should then commit to a steady descent into the snow to continue skiing. It is assumed that the event will reduce the speed, which will increase the time it takes to complete the race. Makes you less likely to get great achievements for the biggest rewards.

Show off the ski race at Snowboard Master 3D Mod. Should use energy to accelerate to slide faster. Thereby will shorten the distance with the opponent in front or leave them behind. However, the energy can only be used for a short time. Next, you must wait to recover before you can continue to use it. Not to mention can also record gold coins. Approved cold crystals that arise randomly in the course of skiing. move correctly to touch, then you will receive a lot of gold coins.

Wish you have the best experience of Snowboard Master 3D Mod game

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