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Silent Castle is an amazing and fun game developed by Aliboo Studio. There are many attractive titles in the game world that every gamer in the world is participating in. They all fall under different genres like simulation, racing, puzzle, sports, action, RPG and horror. Most people like action or puzzle games… But the number of people playing horror games is no less. Today, MODVUI.COM will introduce to you a horror game, scary but worth the experience.

Features of Silent Castle Mod

Silent Castle Mod has all the features a gamer needs to make the game more interesting. This version is designed to provide VIP features of the original game. All services are free and its features include:

Unlimited money, gems, diamonds


A game cannot be fully enjoyed if funds are limited. To see and enjoy all aspects of the game, you need a large number of resources to use the game’s features. With this Mod version gives you unlimited money to be able to buy whatever you need without ruining your experience.

Silent castle god mode

This version of Silent Castle Mod also provides an immortal mode for players so you can’t lose in the game. This feature is also found in the original version but requires a condition to be activated, and in this Mod version, there is no need for any conditions.

No ads and high security


An ad blocker has been installed to make this version run smoother since there is no need to load ads. This, makes the player will not be disturbed, no matter how long you play. Besides, your data will not be leaked because of the anti-ban setting, so you can rest assured when playing the game.

Basic Features

Here, players will face a lot of fear and anxiety. You should quickly seek shelter under your bed or anywhere else if you hear a knock on the door. This will happen if you act as a living person. If you choose to be the Soul Reaper, your mission is to smash the doors to kill the living.

Various props and equipment

As a survivor in the game Silent Castle Mod, you have access to various tools and props. You need to strengthen various locks and props to protect the door. You can also install mini towers, sirens and many other security features to keep yourself safe. All of these aspects will directly affect your victory.


Exciting multiplayer mode

Almost every game has a multiplayer mode, whether it’s racing, puzzle or RPG… But this feature is almost absent in the horror series, but Silent Castle Mod has this mode that should be collected. attract a lot of players. Therefore, you are completely free to play any mode, you are a killer or a survivor.

Silent Castle Mod has quality graphics and extremely attractive configuration. Scary scenes in the horror castle are enhanced with high resolution and visual effects. This game is praised by many gamers for its unique visuals and gameplay.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • MOD Unlimited Money
  • MOD Unlocked All


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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