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Shooting Hoops is a sports-themed game that is loved by many users on many different platforms. This game simulates basketball, a subject that has won the attention of many generations. Let us learn more about the features of this game through the article below!

Download Shooting Hoops Mod – Free Game for Android

Shooting Hoops on Android is a pretty prominent name in the group of basketball games, in which you have to make accurate throws into the basket but with the help of shots. The rules of the game are quite simple and thanks to the first simple experiments you will be able to adapt very quickly and start winning your first victories. A single tap on your Android device’s screen is equivalent to a shot that directs the basketball towards the basket.

Users who have been in the game mostly appreciate the colorful visual design, comfortable click controls, refined and realistic physics, as well as the additional balls of mass. together. Here, you need to make a shot at a time when the ball should theoretically go in the right direction and as close to the basket as possible, while also using the looper and bouncing the ball off the wall for the purpose. myselft. As you complete the game, the difficulty of the challenges will only increase, making hitting the ball on target and making an accurate shot no longer so easy. Please download this game and experience the exciting things that are waiting for you! Try to be an athlete to have fun while playing sports. Let’s create beautiful goals and set new records with your teammates. Experience this game to find the feeling of conquering the heights and find the feeling of victory. Let’s download and experience it!

What’s in this Mod version?


  • Patched


  • Not update

How to download and install Shooting Hoops Mod

You can download this game at

B1. Click the Download button at the bottom

B2. Save the file to your device’s downloads folder.

B3. Please open the download folder of your device and select the previously downloaded Shooting Hoops Mod and wait for the application to install.

B4. Once done, you can open the app and experience it right away.

Note: Erase the original from your device before installing this MOD, and remember to set up your phone to allow downloading and installing applications of unknown origin.

Modvui wishes you a great experience with your favorite games.

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