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Most action games are loved by a lot of people on Android because these games have a lot of attractive features. In this article, MODVUI.COM will introduce to players a fairly famous game on Android that is a perfect combination of interface and RPG game mode, which is Shadow Fight 2 Mod with unlimited money.

What is Shadow Fight 2 Mod unlimited money?


Shadow Fight 2 Mod Unlimited Money is a modification from the original Shadow Fight 2. Here, players will get unlimited gems, unlimited coins, unlimited energy, unlock all levels degree. Unlock armor, unlock magic, many rare powerful weapons and tons of other free features. Players are free to use tactics to deal with evil with skills and powerful weapons.
Each level will contain a new boss, your job is to use skills and tactics to defeat them. Surely you will encounter giant bosses like Hermit, Butcher, Lynx and many others. The main demons in Shadow Fight 2 Mod are usually titans, a giant, sublime conqueror and can modify anyone’s mind freely.

Features of Shadow Fight 2 Mod


If you’ve ever played Shadow Fight 2, then you know the intensity of this game. The game contains a lot of attractive features, which makes Shadow Fight 2 Mod better than other fighting games.

Special and amazing interface

It can be said that Shadow Fight 2 Mod is the best fighting and action game on Android. The game is created by the world’s best and most successful developer Nikki who has been creating Android games for decades. But the craze and popularity of Shadow Fight 2 still lingers. Nearly 100 million Android and iOS users download.
Experience enhanced matches and top challenges

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Unlimited Money is developed with many variations. Here, players can experience the easy, fast game interface, breathtaking tournaments and formidable opponents, challenging levels and top-notch weapons that will definitely not let you get bored.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod is a great fighting game with not only guns and grenades, but also a combination of melee weapons. Players have the choice of melee weapons such as Steel Batons, Ninja Swords, Knuckles, machetes and axes. Besides, the game also has a huge arsenal of other weapons such as Helms, ball balls, ranged weapons, magic weapons and pieces of equipment.


Epic armor and weapons

Shadow Fight 2 Mod has a collection of special armor and weapons that enhance your attack impact during combat. You also get access to some of the most powerful weapons like Silver Spear, Blood Reaper, Free Titan Sword and many more. Strengthen your defense with powerful armor like Navigator’s Coat, Membrance Curiass. What’s more, when reaching level 52 players will receive many new armor and unlimited gems, which can unlock any armor and weapon in the game.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Unlimited Money will not let you down with its perfect interface and unlimited resources. Here, you will have a variety of experiences and comfortably create the future when defeating the Titans to be able to close the gate of darkness. The game can run smoothly even for low devices, download and experience this great game now.


What features does this mod version have?


  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite Gems
  • Unlimited energy


  • Immortal
  • High jump
  • Run fast
  • High damage

Note: Uninstall the original version before downloading the MOD

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