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Everyone has their childhood game, something that they remember so well that they have to find and play again. Before technology was created and played an important role in people’s lives, games were somewhat related to hand drawing. Back then, one of the most popular games of all time, between kids and school kids, was Sea Battle 2 Mod. There are two players and you will be provided with ships, the rule is simple: Whoever destroys the ships first wins.

Let’s learn about this childhood game with MODVUI.COM!

Introducing the game Sea Battle 2 Mod

Like its name, Sea Battle 2 Mod provides many features with ocean battles with warships, planes, submarines… Players first enter their name and choose their favorite nationality, such as such as USA, Germany, France… There will be a tutorial but for those who are familiar with the game it will not be necessary. Sea Battle 2 Mod is so easy that even a small child can play happily.

There are enemies all over the world that you need to defeat to top the leaderboards. This game offers a variety of weapons so you can sink the enemy naval fleet and win the battle. Build your tactics, strategy, buy some powerful weapons and quickly defeat the enemy army.

Features in Sea Battle 2 Mod

Simple gameplay, not too complicated in Sea Battle 2 Mod

In Sea Battle 2 Mod, all you need to do is have a wise strategy, place your weapons on the map wisely and start the battle. If you want to win the game for sure, then get ready to buy more powerful weapons.

Before entering a game, more advanced tools can be purchased from the shop. Use your money wisely and choose the best weapons. Then the player can reorganize the ships, bombs, submarines… Or let the system do it for you. I’m not sure if the system has any strategy while randomly placing weapons, but you should do it yourself. Besides a bright strategy, players also need a bit of luck. Once you’re organized, hit the battle button and get ready to battle your enemies.

Game modes in Sea Battle 2 Mod

There are different game modes for players to choose from, you can play against your Android device, with other people from all over the world, or play with your friends on a single phone with an invite . After selecting the game mode, you will choose between Classic mode and Advanced mode.

In Classic mode, players can only carry guns while advanced mode gives you more, such as air defense, submarine… The rest is simple, arrange and carry According to the weapon you like, start the game, choose a quadrant to land and win the battle.

In Advanced mode, players can use planes to bomb a certain area of the grid, selecting submarines to fire torpedoes. After each battle, you will receive experience to rise up in the ranking chart.

To sum up, Sea Battle 2 Mod is one of the most playable games where players can have fun by themselves, with friends or other online players.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Infinite Diamonds


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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