Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Remove Ads)

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Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod Is an extremely attractive mobile game, where you will be the owner of an inn with countless people to rent. But not only that, you also have to do a lot of other things for example: Decorate, design and remodel your old inns to attract as many guests as possible.

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Download Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod – Own your own boarding house

Currently, the game Rent Please!-Landlord Sim is very hot because it is popular with many people, with simple but addictive gameplay.

Features of Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod version

Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod is an upgraded version compared to the original version by fixing bugs and adding a lot of new features, especially with unlimited money and removing ads that appear in the game.
Because I understand your desire and frustration when you have to see unwanted ads, this is a bad experience, But it is also partly to help game developers earn money so It’s also obvious, but if you are afraid to do it, download this version right away.

Gameplay in Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod

When participating in the game Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod you will play the role of a Mr. (Mrs.) with a small amount of capital that is owned when downloading the game. And your next job is to remodel it because so customers will be more comfortable with the fee you give, the equipment that needs to be repaired such as: beds, cabinets, mats, electric lights, etc., and about You will also have to find tenants (select tenants).

After a certain period of time, the day you get your first income, continue to use that money to repair and refurbish everything, there will be no limit for you to do that. Items will need to be constantly upgraded. When the room is full, the price of the room will also increase, so you will soon be the richest innkeeper in the Gulf of Tonkin.

You also need to provide the essential needs and utilities of the tenants such as transport buses, hospitals, restaurants and shopping malls…etc.

Graphics and sound in Rent Please!-Landlord Sim Mod

With colorful game graphics, lovely funny images will surely make players immersed in no way out.

Funny background music will be the thing to help you relax all stress after stressful working hours. Let’s experience the game with the most refreshing spirit!

Because of the thoughtful design in all aspects from sound and image, it is loved and supported by a large number of you.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited money
  • Remove ads


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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