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Plants Zombies is a very popular game starting from 2009 – 2010, this is a highly appreciated game series. The game is developed by Electronic Arts, a famous company that produces game products that bring joy to Android gamers. And this game has received a lot of positive feedback from players around the globe. And today, MODVUI.COM promises to bring you the most loved game series and this version is extremely strange compared to the original version of the game publisher, Here we have added a lot of features. New skill, you will definitely love it.

Plants vs Zombies Mod – Unlimited Money Feature

Plants vs Zombies Mod, here gamers should build themselves a certain action strategy. When participating, the player will have to fight the creatures through its original plot using thinking. However, with this version there will be more improvements. Players will immerse themselves in the fight against zombies to protect their home. The main purpose is to keep the monsters away from the house, otherwise you will lose, are you ready to fight.

What is Plants vs Zombies Mod?

Plants vs Zombies Mod is a modified version based on the original Plants Zombies. Here player will get unlimited coins, unlimited gems, unlimited sun, unlimited everything and unlock all..etc. Plants Zombies Mod is a very famous game where players have to defend themselves and save their owners in any way possible, more specifically using tree cannons. Here, players can plant many types of plants at the same time to resist the attack of Zombies.

Features of Plants Zombies Mod

The features of Plants Zombies Mod are great, including all the original features and adding a lot of new features to ensure your enjoyment.

Zombies and flora in the game

To overcome difficult levels, you need to kill all zombies, even in this Mod. In order to increase the complexity and appeal of the game, the manufacturer combined the requirements and continued to develop. For example: Do not allow zombies to walk through trees, limit the number of plants… Moreover, each level on the map has different distinct goals.

The Mod version of this game is much more powerful than its original version. Lots of scary and aggressive zombies are waiting to attack your house, there are many special Zombies capable of erecting gravestones, sucking your sun, be careful…

Skill system and more functions than the original

Plants Zombies Mod is attractive, highly entertaining and more interesting than its original. Because in this version, there are more special and interesting plants. Players will receive additional magical cover during the experience of each game. Each different screen will have different plants suitable for that level.

Besides, you also get upgraded leaves, which, when placed in the tree, will provide more amazing abilities for the tree. And when using the leaf for the sunflower, it will receive more sun, used for the attacking plant, it will fire faster and stronger bullets, depending on the plant will be upgraded differently, you should do it yourself. Enjoy this great feature!

In addition, there are other types of support for you to choose from: Electric shock, throwing and freezing. If you play in the ice ring, “freeze” will be replaced by “fire”. And if you want to use this feature, you have to lose coins, because these skills you will not be able to collect. But rest assured with Plants Zombies Mod, you do not need to worry about money.

Great graphics in the game

Players will understand the reason is that after completing a round, You will not be able to guess where the zombies will attack, because it is to increase the difficulty level of the game. Therefore, you can freely adjust your strategy before counterattack. Remember to strategize first. You must try to fight with different zombies through each level to protect yourself and protect the garden, the house for the boss.

Plants Zombies Mod will provide players with creativity, intellectual enhancement and great entertainment. Quickly download and enjoy this fascinating and amazing game where you can create and deal with different types of zombies with the power of plants. And don’t worry too much because here we have helped you with a lot of money when downloading games, only available at MODVUI.COM.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlimited money
  • Infinite sun


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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