Mining Rush 3D: Idle Merge Mod

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Mining Rush 3D: Idle Merge is a fun digging game looking for valuable resources such as: Gold, Ores, Metals,…etc. It will be an interesting journey for sure.

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Mining Rush 3D Mod – Attractive feature

For the Mining Rush 3D Mod version, there will be extremely attractive and special features, this is an improved version compared to the original version to bring the most new things to players, Wallet features eg: Unlimited money, Mod skins,….etc

Exciting gameplay in Mining Rush 3D Mod

Right at the beginning of the game you will transform into the main character with some assigned tools such as hoe, You can hire more people to dig with you to increase the ability to find the earliest resources, Control the character easily easy but no less interesting and attractive,

Besides the resources that can be collected, there are many other dangers that are always lurking around, Try to survive to overcome these challenges.

Tools – Weapons used in Mining Rush 3D Mod

Throughout the game, the mouse is mainly used to dig a hoe, so use money to upgrade the hoe because it is your most important asset, when upgrading to a certain level will increase the durability to accompany you to find resources of higher monetary value, because it is a Mining Rush 3D Mod version, so just spend your money comfortably.

Graphics and sound in Mining Rush 3D Mod

If you have ever played or know the Minecraft game, this Mining Rush 3D Mod game has the same graphics, but it will have a different point of view that brings something new to the game. As for the sound, it can’t be faulted because the background music is extremely attractive, interesting, and indispensable for drama.

What features does this Mod version have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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