Minecraft PE MOD APK (Menu, Immortality, High Jump, Speed, High Damage)

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Minecraft PE  is a classic game released and developed by Mojang Studio in 2009. Although it has been released for more than a decade, this game is still causing a global fever and has many loyal players. Currently, there are more than 50 million downloads and this number is sure to grow. This shows the top attraction of the game Minecraft PE Mod. If you want to entertain and train your intelligence, then MODVUI.COM recommends you not to miss this fascinating game.

Minecraft PE Mod – classic survival game


Minecraft PE Mod with unique gameplay has created a fever in the world game market. Not possessing many sharp 3D graphics like other games. However, that is what has helped contribute to the success of the game. The game has helped Mojang Studio bring home many prestigious awards. Not only that, it is also considered a model game inspired by many games of the same genre.

New and unique gameplay

At Minecraft PE Mod free download, players will set foot in an unknown world and can do whatever they want. Initially, the world will be in its original state. No houses, no buildings, no businesses. The world is surrounded by diverse terrains such as plains, swamps, forests, deserts… During the experience, you will encounter many living creatures such as humans or pets. However, all that is good and familiar only appears during the day. When night falls, the world will become extremely scary. Dangerous monsters will begin to appear and attack you. In Minecraft PE Mod day and night have rules and cycles.
Normally, the transition between day and night is 20 minutes, in real time. Night is the most dangerous time, strange animals, monsters begin to appear and attack people. In particular, the Creeper – one of the most dangerous creatures in the game. They are like a ignited bomb that can explode at any time day or night. With this game you can use all tools to dig different material blocks. After collecting the materials, you can arrange them as you like and create solid buildings for yourself. Besides, you can also create as many materials as you like.

Minecraft PE Mod free download

To overcome the challenges in the game easily, many players have chosen the Minecraft PE Mod APK version. Upon successful download, players will be able to experience all the items in the game for free.

Download Minecraft PE Mod for Android version


Surely this survival adventure game is worth your time to experience. Minecraft PE Mod has a unique gameplay, impressive missions that ensure to give players new experiences. What shape is this world, can you live what you desire? Come to Minecraft PE Mod free download to start with interesting challenges in any game.
Minecraft PE Mod free download provides you with a lot of features, a combination of playing policies from basic to advanced. The challenges are easy or difficult is up to you. A lot of cool things are waiting for you to discover here, download and play now!

What’s in this Minecraft MOD version?


  • Mod menu
  • Free download
  • Immortal


  • Unlock Skins.
  • Unlimited money.
  • Immortal.
  • High Damage
  • Run fast
  • High jump
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