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Melon VPN Mod is an application that provides VPN services for mobile phones, An application that fully owns all countries in the world to help you connect to any country with extremely fast loading speed and There is no usage limit. Melon VPN Mod has extremely high security, no worries about losing or stealing personal data.

Download Melon VPN Mod Unlock VIP – Fake IP application with high security and fast loading speed.

Everyone here must have had a time when they needed to use fake IP applications or software to go to another country to use, Some websites or some games need a foreign IP to be able to play. Definitely will have to resort to IP fake tools.

It can be understood that Melon VPN Mod is a tool to transfer the IP being used in Vietnam to any country, easily, quickly, and extremely convenient. In the past, websites were still easily viewable, but now, network security has blocked pirated websites, or black movie websites, so now if you don’t fake IP, you can’t watch. Melon VPN Mod also helps a lot in study and work.

Features Melon VPN Mod

As mentioned above, the feature of Melon VPN Mod is extremely convenient, it helps you a lot in daily life.

Melon VPN Mod interface – simple, easy to use

Many people will worry about how to use Melon VPN Mod, worried that it will be difficult to use because it has too many utilities and features. But not at all, Melon VPN Mod is designed with a simple interface, it is very easy to get used to this application. Simple operations such as opening the application -> granting application access -> selecting the countries where you need to fake IP and then press connect (connect).

This Melon VPN Mod application is compatible on mobile devices, can be used on PC emulators such as BlueStack, NOX, LDPlayer,…etc. on mobile only on devices with system Android operating.

You will not find a free version like this anywhere, in this version you will be able to use the VIP unlocking feature, use it forever, without limit, Join to experience it!

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • VIP Unlock


  • Not update

Note: Delete the original version if you have it on your device before downloading this mod version

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