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Kuma Sushi Bar Mod is a great game for android phones. When participating in this game, you will be transformed into a manager of an animal sushi shop, where the animals are chefs, employees, repairmen and more. Your job is very simple, assign them to decorate, cook and upgrade the restaurant. Besides, you can cook yourself like a real chef  and make your customers happy with delicious food. Sushi will be the main dish on the menu of this restaurant. Organize and assign tasks in the most efficient way.

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Download Kuma Sushi Bar Mod – Manage a sushi shop

The character that you will be incarnated here is the kumaki bear, at first, this is just an extremely old and unspoiled restaurant. The first thing will be to remodel it to be clean and luxurious, so that customers will have a good experience. You need to learn to cook, it can be some simple dishes at first, then gradually increase, the dishes are mainly Japanese.

Work arrangement – Job assignment in Kuma Sushi Bar Mod

Whether the restaurant can develop or not is thanks to an effective work arrangement, the division of work is for the staff. All staff are animals. Each animal will have its own advantages and disadvantages like no other. Make use of its pros and cons.

Features in the game Kuma Sushi Bar Mod

Kuma Sushi Bar Mod is an improved version compared to the original version. Here specifically you will be unlimited money. The more you spend, the more you spend, so use it to buy all the things you need.

Graphics and sound in the game Kuma Sushi Bar Mod

With extremely funny and lovely cartoon graphics, it is certain that anyone who plays once will experience it. It is very beautiful indeed. I’m sure all of you will be mesmerized by these lovely things, accompanied by pictures, so the sound is very funny and equally dramatic.

What are you waiting for without trying Kuma Sushi Bar Mod, Join your friends to have great moments!

What features are in this MOD Version?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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