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With the crazy development of Korean idol music clubs today, the best young people are crazy about the charm of idols. Catching up with that wave, the buildup studio gave birth to the k-pop game idol producer. Inspired by creating a company specializing in educating idols. K-pop idol producer seems to simulate the entire process of formation and development of an entertainment organization. Come join us and train together, create the hottest groups in k-pop.
Are you a big fan of k-pop? If yes, then definitely can’t skip this game. Coming to k-pop idol producer will help you to know more about the life of an idol. Advertise from being selected to being a trainee and finally creating a famous idol with hundreds of thousands of fans. The whole will happen under your control. That means you are the leader of their host business. It’s tempting, isn’t it!

Start Downloading K-Pop Idol Producer Mod – Good game on mobile

Mentioning k-pop, many individuals will immediately think of famous music clubs and beautiful, recognizable idols. Music groups that make up the name of the Korean entertainment world must be mentioned such as: handsome like bigbang, bts group, t-ara, super hot black pink, . . behind their resounding success are years of hard training. In addition, the role of the management company is also super important. The company is the place of teaching, orientation and album birth. A good organization will be a natural and successful distributor for stars and groups.

Take control of the entire entertainment industry

In order to shape a great idol, there must be every way. The first is to arrange for the trainees a place in the group that matches their talent and availability. A lady, a good dancer will be at the lead dance venue. Or a good voice, internal strength will be a lead vocal. The person who has the ability to lead the group is of course the leader. The proper arrangement of a few people will take the group further in the future and attract many fans.
Since the creation of music clubs you need to progress and remodel your company. need to shape more rooms for trainees to practice, relax and many other activities. It is still to hire more personnel such as: manager, stylist, dance group choreographer, musician, etc. . Hiring more personnel makes you control the company smoothly. Because the amount of work will take longer and longer, your organization will grow step by step.

Recruiting the brightest interns

When coming to k-pop idol producer, customers will step into the journey of creating idol music groups. As with any game, customers have to go from the most basic first steps. You can have an organization as small as a studio. An easy-to-see management personnel will help you manage the organization. She will give you important guidelines for making your choice.

The first step in shaping a set of music is recruiting interns. First of all, the game will make a choice about whether the company’s first group is male or female. Advertise from the moment of selection you will begin to collect births. There are dozens of elegant girls, boys, and special abilities for you to choose from. Tap on guys for more explicit information about them. Includes information on the ability to work with rap, voice, break-through, innovation, ability to work dance choreography, . After the review time, choose the trainee that best matches the force of the group match you want.

Equipment and clothes for performances

In order to have a successful performance, idols must be prepared to be careful. As long as the singing and dancing parts are ready, the next part is due to the appearance. The company needs to invest in them with appropriate clothes and hairstyles. Thus, the new idols can literally shine on the stage. Taking pictures with fans, product advertising, ticket discounts will attract a lot of attention. These are marketing plans that need to be implemented during the leisure time of corporate governance.

The period and after a period of idol training

You need to arrange for your trainees a daily practice time to expand their abilities. Next, going into composing the title songs, I practice choreography. Finally, release the album and perform at events. Not to mention k-pop has a lot of big and small competitions. Music clubs will compete against each other for the highest position on the chart. Kbiz is a fierce arena, so your group must have great songs and attractive performances to have the talent to stand on the charts.

From being a k-pop fan, you can now create the leader of an idol group’s governing business. It is only when you create your own idol’s name that you have the opportunity to develop the entertainment industry. bring top-notch performances and it’s hard to take the audience’s eyes off. started with k-pop idol producer mod at modvui, rocking the music business and asserting his ability to govern the world’s largest entertainment company.

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