Junkyard builder simulator Mod

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Junkyard builder simulator As a construction simulation game, Your specific job is to create a waste disposal business and manage it in the most rational way.

Download Junkyard builder simulator Mod – Construction Simulator

The construction process in Junkyard builder simulator Mod will encounter many different difficulties, will have to face thousands of different types of garbage, so think and show your outstanding creativity. First identify the types of trash, see which ones are still usable, and then begin the recovery process: Paint and restore it to its original value or higher.

Target different items in Junkyard builder simulator Mod

Example: In your territory there is an old car wreck or broken furniture, take a closer look at your property, you will find missing car parts such as doors, wheels car,…etc. Make the most of what is still available. In the end, after trying hard, you will get well-deserved rewards.

In Junkyard builder simulator Mod – Improved version compared to the original version

When you come to MODVUI.COM you will experience an extremely attractive but also free version. With the value of these MOD versions, you should have spent a decent amount of money. But no, here it is free to download

Features of Junkyard builder simulator Mod – Simulation of construction and waste treatment

Coming to Junkyard builder simulator Mod Unlimited Money, you no longer have to worry or think at all. Money to spend freely, true to a life of the rich and upper class. Use money to unlock more new areas, and use it to develop your territory.

How to control the game – Junkyard builder simulator Mod

With the easy way to control the character with the swipe gestures on the phone, you can move the character and play it easily.

Graphics and sound – Junkyard builder simulator Mod

Most gamers, after experiencing, are attracted by the eye-catching graphics, the sound in the game is interesting and dramatic. However, you should not play games for more than 180 minutes a day for good health. Therefore, playing a little each day will be like a tonic for yourself, because it is the smiles you get when you experience it.

What are you waiting for, hurry up and experience it with MODVUI.COM now!

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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