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Explore the wonderful world of medieval times in Hungry Dragon Mod. Here, you are free to explore and experience the unique and interesting gameplay that you will surely be interested in. You will play as hungry dragons that roam the air and devour everything. Discover unique and addictive gameplay on your mobile device whenever you have time.

Dive into the mysterious and exciting world of medieval times, fight all the opponents and eat them all. Take on all sorts of fun challenges that take place in multiple environments. Join MODVUI.COM to learn about this fascinating and interesting game!

Interesting story in Hungry Dragon Mod

When participating in Hungry Dragon Mod, you will control the fire-breathing creature on the small and large fish in the game through a series of epic challenges. Utilize your awesome powers to break through enemy defenses and absorb everything in your path. Unlock epic and incredible fire-breathing skills to take down enemies effectively.


Your main goal is to control hunger levels. Also, take advantage of the provided boosters and in-game features to unlock new powers and evolved forms for your dragons. In addition, you are also free to choose from many different dragon species, each with their own unique strengths and abilities.

Features in the game

Intuitive, simple and fun gameplay

When participating in the game you will experience the fun and exciting gameplay. Here, players can freely roam the lands, inflicting terror on others and developing their own powerful dragons.

Enjoy immersive gameplay as you freely control dragons to dodge enemy attacks, eat everything in your way, and take down monsters, creatures, animals or even monsters people on the way.

A variety of different dragons and exciting power-ups

The game gives you an extremely interesting and fun experience, especially with a huge and majestic dragon collection. Here you will find yourself collecting ferocious creatures, each with their own unique characteristics and powers. Use their techniques to melt and vaporize your enemies or unlock awesome ice dragons and freeze enemies to death.

In addition, you also get to know many different types of dragons, each with their own unique design and free to spread their wings in the sky. Feel free to unlock more costumes and customizations on the dragons as you move. Fly faster, burn harder, shoot faster, move carefully and be the absolute ruler of the sky and even the ground.

Eat everything when accomplishing many goals

To assist you in your journey of terror and destruction, Hungry Dragon Mod gamers will enjoy amazing performances and action in an epic 3D world.

During the game, gamers will find themselves challenged by monsters and enemies from all backgrounds. Fight against medieval soldiers, monsters, trolls, witches and others who are trying to stop you and avoid their cannibalistic fate.

For those interested in this game, Hungry Dragon Mod will definitely make things a lot more interesting with powerful and lively sound. Realistic sound effects and catchy background music immerse you completely in your experience.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Dragon


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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