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Hitmasters Mod – an extremely interesting and light entertainment game (no ads, unlimited money) is available at MODVUI.COM. The game is suitable for even low-profile phones, so everyone can experience it with just a mobile phone. Let’s learn a little bit about this fascinating game!

Hitmasters Mod – Exciting spy game and great graphics

Hitmasters Mod is a game produced and developed by Playgendary Limited. This is a game with graphics quite similar to Bowmasters, graphics with gameplay are always the first things that a gamer is interested in this fascinating game.

About Hitmasters Mod

Hitmasters Mod is a game that combines puzzle, action and shooting elements. With the combination of the above 3 attractive factors, this game has formed an attractive and interesting game, suitable for you to kill time. Here, the player will play the role of a gunner spy whose mission is to destroy all the enemies that you encounter on the way. Although it sounds simple, it is equally attractive.

Many attractive and interesting game modes

In Hitmasters Mod, there are up to 4 different game modes, including: Gravity Mode, Shotgun Mode, Toxic Mode, Ricochet Mode. With the Mod version, many features and game modes have been fully unlocked. Thus, when downloading the Mod version, you just need to enjoy it without having to spend time plowing.

Gravity Mode: This mode allows you to use the gun to suck materials. From there, turn them into bullets to destroy enemies.
Shotgun Mode: In this mode, the main weapon is the Shotgun. You will use them to destroy enemies with large amounts of damage.
Toxic Mode: This mode allows you to use acid canisters to throw at opponents instead of guns like many other game modes.
Ricochet Mode: In this game mode you will use a variety of shotguns instead of other weapons.

Quests in Hitmasters Mod

Your mission is to destroy the enemy with the provided gun and some bullets. At first glance, it seems pretty easy to win. But when you join, you will soon find that if you don’t know how to use bombs or iron bombs and barrels, you will definitely have to play again. Moreover, after 10 or 20 levels, bosses will appear, they are harder to kill than usual.

Some general information of Hitmasters Mod

The game supports installation on Android 5.0 and above systems.
The version shared to players is the latest version
The size of the game is: 66 MB.
The game does not need an internet connection (completely offline) and unlocks the Mod without root.
The game is still being updated by the manufacturer to the latest version on the Play store.

With just having on hand a mobile device with Android 5.0 or higher operating system, you can play this fascinating game. It can be seen that this game is quite comfortable with today’s machines, isn’t it. Please rest assured to experience the game to the fullest!

Above, is general information about the shooter and puzzle game Hitmasters Mod for players who love the entertaining and fun shooter genre. We hope you will enjoy and understand more about this game genre.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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