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The famous Johnny Trigger now finally has his worthy apprentice, as you take on this exciting shooter gameplay in HellCopter Mod. Get ready to join the skilled assassin in his ultimate rampage and take down waves of enemies.

Enjoy simple and accessible gameplay with convenient touch controls and snappy mechanics. Have fun playing shooting challenges with your unique strategies and amazing skills. Try to take down your enemies with well-calculated shots or regular rounds of bullets.

Now you can entertain multiple levels in the game with exciting gameplay. Unlock more adventures in the game and enjoy the casual shooting gameplay whenever you want. Join MODVUI.COM to learn about this exciting shooting action game!

About HellCopter Mod

Here in HellCopter Mod, Android gamer will have a chance to take on the role of a soldier in his ultimate missions to get the criminals who have taken control of the buildings onto the helicopter and start ravaging the universe. crime base with your ultimate guns. Take down multiple enemies with precise shots and also use the environment to fully calculate your epic shots.

Immerse yourself in exciting adventures in the game from HellCopter, which will take you through many levels with exciting challenges. Fight many enemies in different buildings with unique settings. Make endless shots to take down your enemies before the helicopter takes you out of sight.

Try out exciting weapons, each offering their own awesome fire powers. Always enjoy the exciting power-ups and perks in the game that will make the whole challenge a lot more enjoyable.

Interesting features in HellCopter Mod

Simple and accessible shooting gameplay in HellCopter Mod

Immediately, Android gamers in HellCopter Mod can easily enjoy the simple and accessible shooting gameplay, thanks to the intuitive touch controls. Here, you just need to do the shooting with the hose to take down the enemies without having to control your movements. Just make shots by touching the respective areas of the screen to easily knock down your enemies.

Many exciting missions and escalating challenges in HellCopter Mod

Throughout the game you will find yourself amused by various levels and missions, each of which offers unique gameplay and its own challenges in the game. Feel free to jump on the helicopter and perform your epic missions. Take down enemies in multiple buildings with escalating challenges that will keep you hooked to the gameplay. Challenge multiple opponents and expect them to fight back with all kinds of fire powers. Unique and growing challenges will ensure that you can always enjoy the game.

With its simple and accessible gameplay, HellCopter Mod will provide you with a casual but fun shooting experience. And thanks to the many interesting elements in the game, you will never get bored. But most importantly, it is a modded version of HellCopter that will allow you to take full advantage of its power.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited money
  • Remove ads


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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