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GTA: San Andreas Mod is an action-adventure game genre, with the gameplay of a shooter with a third-person perspective and a car driving game that gives players an exciting and thrilling inspiration. Unlike previous versions, this version of GTA: San Andreas Mod the characters can climb and swim. Besides, you can also control many new vehicles such as buses, planes, trains, boats … There are many other interesting features, with MODVUI.COM learn about this exciting game full of fun. Please!

Amazing street robbery shooter

GTA: San Andreas Mod, also known as street robbers, is one of the best shooting role-playing games available today. Besides, this game is supported by the manufacturer on many platforms, is one of the games in the familiar GTA series that has stormed the game market. GTA: San Andreas Mod gives players a beautiful 3D graphics, realistic and vivid scenery, combined with smooth character movements, ensuring to give you an extremely impressive experience.

The main plot of this game revolves around an African-American protagonist named Carl Johnson, he has left the gangs of his hometown in Los Santos and come to Liberty City to remake his life. However, after hearing that his mother in his hometown had been killed after a bloody payment, Johnson decided to go back and find the culprit. When participating, you will experience a fierce life like in an action movie.

Various vehicles and weapons

There are more than 211 different vehicles in the game, vehicles include many types of vehicles such as bicycles, trailers, garbage trucks, a seaplane… The manufacturer took the idea from the fascinating racing game. like Midnight Club. Here, players get the ability to control air vehicles, upgrade the nitrogen engine controller and many fine-tuned features in appearance.

In addition, in GTA: San Andreas Mod you can shoot people in the head and set people on fire with a flamethrower, smash cities and chase the army or police with just an RPG gun. This is something that seems to be in all GTA game genres, because the manufacturer is inherently inspired by street violence.

Some other changes in this fascinating game

Gang War: When participating in the game you will experience the battles between gangs and must kill at least 3 enemies. If you survive 3 waves of enemy attacks then that area will belong to your gang.

Vehicle Upgrades: All vehicles in the game can be upgraded and changed but mainly in terms of appearance. Some of the changes include, paint, chassis, wheel rims, shock absorbers, exterior equipment and sound rig.

Theft: Continuing the series’ controversial tradition of violence, theft is one of the ways to make money in GTA: San Andreas Mod. You can break into any house to steal valuables.

Mini games: You can participate in many mini games in GTA: San Andreas such as billiards or basketball. In addition, there are gambling games such as console games or horse racing betting.

GTA: San Andreas Mod is similar to the previous parts of GTA, all with support for codes so you can complete tasks more easily. To play better in the game you have to use many codes at the same time such as guns, vehicles, weapons, costumes… Bringing you more interesting experiences.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not available

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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