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Grow Empire MOD is an attractive game made and developed by Game Station. With variety and awesomeness, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads, a staggering number. You can access a variety of game modes quickly. Join MODVUI.COM to learn about this fun and exciting game!

What is Grow Empire MOD?

Grow Empire MOD is a modified version of the original Grow Empire. Here you will get unlimited coins, unlimited gems, unlimited diamonds, unlimited coins, unlimited levels, free shopping, unlimited everything and more.

Grow Empire is a beautiful game in the ancient Roman style. In it, you can play the town defense style with role-playing game elements. You will be the head of all Rome, you will have your own army and use it to protect your people and land from a large number of enemies.

Features in Grow Empire MOD

Build a powerful army to protect the people and the country

In Grow Empire MOD, if players want to use their soldiers effectively, then make sure you upgrade your soldiers as much as possible. In it, you can build 4 main types of soldiers for your army:

Cavalry: Calvary mainly due to their deadly strength, are recognized as the vanguard of your army. Due to their speed of attack, because they stood close to the border and attacked from rare things, the results were the most devastating. What’s more, you can use them against archers.

Swordsman: Swordsmen are the basic and radical unit of your army, playing a vital role in attack and defense as the backbone of any army. Swordsmen have nothing to do with weakness. However, they cannot generate bonuses in the quest against the enemy.

Archers: They are the player’s main line of defense because they stand against the same wall in battles. They also have quest rewards compared to clerics.

Clergy: Spearmen are useful for defense and specially designed with quest bonuses while fighting against cavalry. Your army absolutely cannot be without them.

When participating in the game, you must upgrade every soldier equally, so that your army can maintain its strength and be ready to join the battle at any time. When reaching the maximum upgrade level of 10, your army is already too strong and effective in many siege wars.

Fortify your defenses in Grow Empire MOD

Whenever an enemy comes close to attack you, you should have a good enough defense against them. Through the optimization method, you are allowed to upgrade the wall to the highest level. Therefore, you will have a strong defense, besides the wall you also need to pay attention to your tower. To be even more sure, you should also upgrade your archers and defense towers. Besides, catapults are also useful tools in finding elephants.

Overall, Grow Empire MOD is a light and easy game to play on Android devices today. Feel free to download and experience this great game! What’s more, the content in the game is also gentle and suitable for children aged 10 and up.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited Money (Increase on spending)


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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