Funko Pop Blitz Mod APK 1.18.21 (Unlimited Lives)

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Funko Pop Blitz Mod has weird and relaxing gameplay for players to enjoy engaging puzzles while discovering highly rewarding content as they go deeper on a journey with beautiful characters.

Download Funko Pop Blitz Mod- Light puzzle game

Funko Pop Blitz Mod is a casual game with simple gameplay but has fun, fast-paced and stimulating match-3 puzzles to give it all a positive vibe. Meanwhile, the new accompanying characters are the main reward for all the effort the player has put in when completing the puzzles with the greatest speed. Over time, more new content will gradually open up and promise everyone the most refreshing feelings when unlocking countless new rewards or characters on their exciting journey.
The main task of the player in Funko Pop Blitz Mod is about making things come alive and vibrant by completing stylish puzzles. Every element of the game is also focused on keeping people entertained and constantly creating new conditions or challenges to enhance the atmosphere. Depending on the pace or speed of completing the puzzles, the system will have surprises that make players have to change many goals or meet many requirements to receive many rewards.

The gameplay and rules are also creative and sophisticated compared to other games of the same genre to bring people more fun. Now, everyone has to put together adorable faces, even performing a series of combos continuously to create a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. Above all, the alignment of blocks of colors in a certain order will create many novel effects and make players use each move effectively to get a high score.
The variety of game modes in Funko Pop Blitz Mod is also a fun addition to enhance the atmosphere or diversify the player’s gameplay experience. Depending on each person’s preferences, they will have different ways to enjoy unique style match-3 puzzles, and even the reward value will not change. Many unique game modes only appear on certain occasions, but the rewards and opportunities they offer are irresistible and very generous for everyone.

What’s in this Funko Pop Blitz Mod version?

  • Unlimited lives

How to download and install Funko Pop Blitz Mod

You can download Funko Pop Blitz Mod at

B1. Click the Download button at the bottom
B2. Save the file to your device’s downloads folder.
B3. Open your device’s download folder and select the downloaded Funko Pop Blitz Mod to install it and wait for the installation to complete.
B4. Once done, you can open the app and experience it right away.

Modvui wishes you a great experience with Funko Pop Blitz Mod. Thank you for choosing our Funko Pop Blitz Mod at!

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