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Free Fire is a mobile game that has reached the top of the game chart downloads. With a variety of gameplay and many attractive game modes, you should definitely not miss it, let’s explore this interesting game on MODVUI.COM!

Download Free Fire Mod – An attractive survival game on mobile

Free Fire, you already know that, right? So what is Free Fire Mod?

This is a Mod version that adds features compared to the original version. Specifically, some features such as: Run fast, Jump high, Cross the wall, See through the map to detect enemies everywhere. If you are a new player, poor skills can refer to this Free Fire Mod version, it will help you a lot.

So what phone is this Mod version compatible with? This is a question asked by many of you. I would like to answer that this Free Fire Mod version can only be used on Android operating system devices, you can use Android emulator software on PC to be able to use it like a normal phone.

Game modes in the game Free Fire Mod:

  1. Team deathmatch: This is a 4vs4 battle that only takes place for 10 minutes, the team that achieves 40 lives will win, and if neither team achieves the above number of kills, consider which team has the most kills. the winning team.
  2. Clash Squad: Also the 4vs4 mode but the map here will be different, it will be like the map in the CS game, there are 7 rounds and the team that wins 4 rounds will be the winning team.
  3. Big Head: Listen, we can figure it out, right? Unusual is that in this mode, everyone’s head will be enlarged to a huge size, it looks ugly, with a limit of 10 minutes and 40 kills. After killing a life, your head is bigger, so it’s like making it easier for the enemy to detect and hit you.
  4. Explosive Jump: 20 people will be dropped in a fairly small map, equipped with a grenade launcher and a pair of shoes that can jump twice as high as normal. Will you survive 10 minutes of fighting to win.
  5. Cold Steel: Similar to mode 4, the only difference is that instead of holding a gun, in this mode it will be a throwing knife, the task of defeating the opponent and surviving 10 minutes.
  6. Night Hunter: this is a night mode with a small map, very difficult to detect enemies. Only 20 people can join this map.
  7. Rampage: 2 Teams 4vs4 compete for control of the location displayed on the map. The team that reaches 100 points wins.
  8. Fully charged: A place where 20 players are brought to a very small place and have to share a charged gun. You will win if you are the last survivor.
  9. Rush Hour: 20 people are involved in a small fun zone, killing each other until the last person survives.
  10. Spray and Pray: Same as Fully Charged, but here equipped with a Gatling gun and rich Jet to be able to fly.
  11. Kill Secured: is a 4vs4 mode where the task is to collect Dog tag opponents. The team that gets 80 points will be the winner.
  12. Bomb Squad: defending, attacking and placing bombs is the main task, but another way to win is to destroy the enemy without using bombs.
  13. Rampage 2.0: this is another version of Rampage, but in this mode there is an extra Spawn skin in that map, this equipment will have many extremely special powers.
  14. Grim Reaper: is a TMD mode, when defeating a specified number of lives, you will be transformed into a ghost with extremely terrible strength and HP.
  15. Gun king: Here you can use 14 different weapons, then must kill 28 lives to win.

Graphics in Free Fire Mod

With a low capacity, Free Fire’s graphics are not as beautiful as PUBG, but with such a low capacity, it will bring a smooth experience without lag even on low-end devices. Recently, the game publisher has released a version of Free Fire Max, this version will be more upgraded and compatible on high and powerful configuration devices.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Hack Map
  • Auto Headshot


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the mod

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