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FRAG Pro Shooter Mod created is for action lovers. The game is full of action games that make you never bored even for 1 second. Join MODVUI.COM to discover this fascinating and interesting game!

Overview of FRAG Pro Shooter Mod

In this game, you will be the leader of your workgroup. Here, you will learn how to coordinate with your teammates to work effectively. You cannot shoot your enemies alone. You should go together and set a strategy for your team.

There are various beautiful locations for you to choose from, the game doesn’t have any difficulty or complexity. You can also download the FRAG Pro Shooter Mod from the Google Play store. Here you will learn how to strategize to accomplish a specific task.

Besides, you also get to experience some things in real life, you can customize your own character. The game will help you to know some things in life.

Gameplay and style in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod

The latest version of this game is FRAG Pro Shooter Mod. Here, you can change the colors, customize your character, and change the whole character. You can tweak your character to be more beautiful to have more fun in the experience. You can completely choose the job for your character.

Besides, you can spend diamonds to buy different items for your character, one thing that you will definitely love is that diamonds never decrease and will increase with your spending. . There is a map to guide you around and get to where you want to go.

In addition, you will get rewards for killing multiple enemies. You can create your own club and customize it to your liking. When participating in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod, you will enjoy a lifelike shooting game.

Features in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod

Amazing action and prizes

The game allows you to participate in the action that you never get bored. You can play at any time in your spare time.

When you complete your mission then you will get rewarded by giving bonus amount which you can use to buy more weapons and create your own powerful army.

Unlimited characters and four-way friends

FRAG Pro Shooter Mod provides players with unlimited characters, each character possesses many unique abilities and has many differences to distinguish each character from the other.

In addition, you can make four friends with many friends in the world. You can quickly make friends with anyone and whenever you want.

Map with high pixels

Here, the manufacturer will give you a map to keep you on the right track during the battle. This, also contributes to helping you win the war with your enemies.

Besides, the game has high quality graphics, giving players great pixels and creating colorful images, guaranteed not to bore you.

You will comfortably play this game because with the Mod version it has no ads. You can upgrade your team whenever you need. You should implement many powerful strategies for your team to defeat the enemies and earn bonus points. Download FRAG Pro Shooter Mod for free in the Google Play store and experience this great game!

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Money increase on spend, No ads


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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