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For those of you who have felt tired and stressed with the rigorous gameplay of many other extreme titles on the market. Today, MODVUI.COM will introduce you to a game that is much more relaxing and easy to play, which is Fishing Life MOD.

The game has a gentle, relaxing gameplay like a regular fishing game. Here, you are free to immerse yourself in a healthy environment with wonderful scenery and music. Using the controls is also very simple, your boat will glide on the calm water and you can enjoy that great feeling. Take a look at the beautiful underwater world and enjoy yourself.

Special features only in Fishing Life Mod Unlimited Money

Interesting story

Imagine you’re stuck with uninteresting daily tasks, uninteresting co-workers, or pressure from your boss. You feel like you’re going to explode at any moment. That is to say, you need to leave this place and enjoy your own vacation. Get away from all the madness in life and heal your soul with some healthy, peaceful activities.

At this point, you recall the happiest memories throughout your life. Among them, you are surprised that the most vivid and impactful memories for you are when you went fishing for the first time with your father. The calm water, the peaceful scenery and the excitement in your heart make you feel like these are the things that can heal your soul. Therefore, you – the main character in the story have decided to leave everything behind and prepare the necessary things for your fishing trip. You feel that this might be the fateful trip of your life and bring you joy.

Easy Intuitive Touch Controls

At the start, gamers in Fishing Life Mod Unlimited Money have access to simple control settings. Here you can easily guide your boat through the water, drop bait wherever you want and easily catch amazing fishes during your journey with just one touch control.

Besides, you can see underwater so you can easily choose the right position to fish, tilt the hook direction and adjust the power. Then, throw your bait to the desired place, it will be very simple for you to collect a lot of fish.

Keep the fish in your own aquarium or sell them

When you catch a lot of fish, you can keep them in the tank or sell them for money. You are free to collect the rarest and most beautiful creatures you see here. Just looking at these amazing creatures will make you feel much more relaxed and calm. Plus, you can also make certain decorations on your aquarium, which makes Fishing Life Mod Unlimited Money a lot more attractive, interesting.

With simple but extremely interesting gameplay, Fishing Life Mod Unlimited Money allows you to fully immerse yourself in the wonderful world of comfortable fishing and exploration. Here, you can have fun fishing in a peaceful, quiet space that brings a sense of freedom and comfort. Pick up your boat and fishing rod and head out onto the beautiful waters, discover mystical undersea creatures and collect your very own aquarium.

What features does this mod version have?


  • MOD Unlimited Money


  • Not update

Note: Uninstall the original version before downloading the MOD

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