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Coming to Earn to die Mod, your task is to drive a racing car through different difficult terrains, where there are many zombies, they will block your path. This is an extremely dramatic driving action game with fear of the appearance of zombies. You will have to drive through challenges to reach the new stop.

Download Earn to die Mod – Offroad racing game

As originally introduced, this is a pretty horror game, because of the appearance of zombies. Make sure you’re not afraid. Earn to die Mod is an improved version of Earn to die by added features. Specifically, in this version you will have unlimited money, comfortably spend without having to worry about anything, use that money to buy yourself the most expensive and best cars, with a lot of equipment. that you should buy for yourself.

Tasks to do when participating in Earn to die Mod

At the beginning you are provided with a vehicle, by driving through the terrain, specifically here are the rugged desert roads, besides you also have to control the car to destroy the zombies. . When the new stop is reached, the task has been partially completed, has escaped danger and temporary death. There will be interesting rewards for you after each completion of your mission.

The difficulty will increase, the new terrain is also more difficult to move. The distance is getting farther and farther, the zombies are getting more and more crowded, will be your extremely fierce challenges.

You have to equip more weapons for the vehicle carrying you, Types of guns, rockets, saws, ..etc. Be equipped with weapons suitable for the terrain that you have to overcome.

Graphics and sound in Earn to die Mod

With the graphic design is not too colorful, but the image details are extremely suitable for the circumstances. Still extremely attractive to players, the sound is lively and dramatic. The game is highly appreciated by players through downloads.

What is the feature in this MOD version?


  • Unlock
  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version from your device before downloading the MOD

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