Dragon City Mobile Mod APK 23.5.3 (Menu, Lots of Money, Immortal, Massive Damage)

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Creating and increasing the value of the city as a place for dragons to reside is what you need to do in dragon city phone. They become human pets. We will train our beasts to be warriors, fighting other dragons. They are more likely to lay eggs, which hatch into baby dragons. Let’s shape farms to take care of baby dragons, let them enjoy so they can progress to greater heights. Recreational work and sleep must be on time. Create a smooth base for the dragon to progress as quickly as possible. Each object has 5 levels commensurate with 5. At max, the abundant energy will be terrible, capable of immersing in the top battles. In pvp mode, you can compete with other dragon leaders on five continents. Make friends, share, absorb their dragon care experience. Build your knowledge base after each battle. Evolve your farm to grow bigger, grow bigger.

Download Dragon City mobile Mod APK – The game to create your own dragon city

Starting from the first steps, we will let the mother dragon incubate the eggs and hatch into a baby dragon, with a cute appearance. They are still small, so they do not have an abundant source of energy, attack power and the elements in their body have not been rescued. Users will grow them larger by allowing them to enjoy outstanding fruits. When the dragon has developed, reached a higher level, the appearance will change, looking much more muscular and muscular. At that time you have the ability to bring your own beast to fight with other opponents. After the battle to win, we will receive the bonus, constantly buy more eggs and incubate the mother dragon. Just like that, step by step the dragon farm will be established. Rich, many different types for you to choose from. keep your eyes off the habitats of the species together. Since each dragon species has its own unique abilities, a suitable environment base is needed to progress. At higher levels, they are likely to get larger in size. The ability to attack and defend is also much stronger.

More diverse collection of dragons

More than a thousand species of dragons for you to breed, forming a powerful army. Acquire different types of items to unlock new dragons. Create a more advanced dragon city, many high-class farms and farming areas. Each type of dragon has its own farming technique. At hatching, you should arrange and separate them immediately to guarantee the peak survival rate. The common dish of all species is fruit. Let’s plant apple trees in the garden, create the best source of nutrients for the dragon to grow.

Train dragons

Since the eggs hatch into baby dragons, start training your dragons. for them to become warriors, with the talent to fight, will take a lot more time and effort. Give the dragon a snack every day, practice health exercises to help the body absorb energy faster. At first, it was too small in size, its appearance was quite cute and funny. After a period of exercise, slowly muscles will be established, firmer. The body has also increased in size, much more muscular. At this point, they have the ability to join you in the fight.

Skill upgrade

Please keep an eye on the combatant section showing the dragons you are holding. The top of each category will show what their level is at. There are 5 levels corresponding to 5. At birth, when the dragon is born, it is already at level 1. Raise the number of abundant energy sources to improve the ability to fight better. On the dragon battlefield, the animal with the lower level loses, the better health will be reduced because of the huge attack power. Use your target with level 5 to join the fight. Grant warriors certain powers to enable them to do more in this city.

Images and sounds in the game

Dragon city phone is created and added value on 3d image background. Photos of dragons are built quite elegantly, with high accuracy. Prominent must mention the effects from the dragon spitting fire, freezing, water spray super eye-catching. In practice you will never catch such scenes. Only in this gameplay, the novice can see the beauty of the legendary dragon. Not only the picture, the sound value is also very good. Dragon sounds are sorted by level. Since their development, they are capable of new, eye-catching sounds.
The style of play is casual, helping to relax, relieve stress. In battle we won’t need to do a lot of gestures. When it’s your turn, just choose the industry you want to use, our dragon warrior will automatically rush to attack the opponents. The two sides continue to struggle in such a way until a loser is found. Each battle won, we will receive 1 amount of coins and beneficial items. Use this award to improve the abundant energy for the warriors.

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