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If you are looking for a shooting game that is simple, accessible and creative for your gameplay, today, MODVUI.COM will introduce you to Chicken Gun Mod. Here, Android gamers can enjoy amazing shooting experiences with friends or other players from all over the world, while diving into epic barn battles.

What is Chicken Gun Mod?

The warehouse is in trouble and our chicken friends have rushed into the epic gunfight, to protect the warehouse. Here, there is no mercy among the chickens, for anyone who hesitates will have to lie back on the ground. Become one of the chicken warriors and take on all your opponents, as you take part in the ultimate chicken shooting game with your friends and online players in epic brawl. You can pick up any weapon to fight other chickens.

Here, you are allowed to participate in the exciting PVE and PVP chicken battle in Chicken Gun Mod, you are free to enjoy your fun through the unlocked maps. Explore diverse environments with exciting settings and adventure through amazing multiplayer shooting challenges.

Interesting features in Chicken Gun Mod

Enjoy a simple and fun chicken shooting experience

Android gamers can easily access this exciting game on mobile devices. Feel free to enjoy the shooting gameplay and have fun with many addictive shooting challenges whenever you are ready. Equip your chicken with awesome weapons and enjoy the ultimate shooting experience.

And most importantly, the touch controls are intuitive, you can easily move around and try to hit your opponent with precise shots or take advantage of the abilities available in the game. This is a chicken shooting game with strange gameplay and is sure to impress anyone who is a fan of addictive FPS games.

Gameplay with many different modes

When you join the game, Android gamers will be immersed in the top gun battles with many interesting game modes.
Feel free to join your teammates and enjoy epic battles with fellow chickens and enemies. Take out your gun and enjoy the awesome gameplay as you win the addictive challenges.
Here, you are allowed to immerse yourself in the ultimate shooter experience. Fight and be the last survivor or be eliminated and quickly revive to continue the game.
The endless shooting gameplay in Chicken Gun Mod will definitely impress most Android gamers who are passionate about shooting games.

Weapons and explosives full of fun

Now you can enjoy Chicken Gun’s exciting shooting gameplay with many weapons and explosives available in the game, which will make the overall shooter experience a lot more enjoyable than before. .
Feel free to pick up rifles, shotguns, automatic guns, and more ranged weapons as you plunge into epic battles. Or put on melee arms to participate in fun battles. Different weapons will promote different fighting styles and will definitely make the game a lot more interesting.

You can completely refresh your action gameplay with this new Chicken Gun Mod game. Feel free to take part in exciting FPS challenges with our weird and unique chicken heroes. At the same time, find yourself enjoying online gameplay with amazing experiences. Also, with the free and unlocked game, there’s no reason for you to turn it down.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Lots of money


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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