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Caves Roguelike introduces a varied and engaging gameplay to explore complex systems. Interestingly, the deeper a player goes inside, the more rewards or artifacts appear as potential rewards for all their efforts. The game also applies pixel graphics engine to enhance the entertainment and people’s experience through complex happenings. Let’s learn more about this game through the article below!

Download Caves Roguelike Mod – Free Game for Android

If you are a big fan of roguelike projects, then this game is really an option for you, as the gameplay and atmosphere are recreated according to the best RPGs of the 90s! In the game, you must visit scary, dark and complex dungeons, inhabited by many evil monsters, which will become your main problem on your way to the precious treasures hidden in the world. this gloomy place.

The world of this game is always changing and you need to not only show your ability to survive and fight, but also stay alert, because enemies can appear out of nowhere! Upgrade your hero and find new, more powerful weapons that teach him new magical abilities that give him almost limitless power. This game boasts a huge arsenal of weapons, classic graphics, user-friendly interface and controls, original soundtrack and extremely addictive gameplay that will satisfy the needs of even hardcore gamers. most count!

Each run attempt in the game will automatically refresh everyone’s progress, and they’ll have to start at the cave gate and make their way inside. However, each time you return, players can directly upgrade a few stats in the system to make the character better than the early days. Not only that, during the dungeon search, the player can level up and is allowed to choose one of the skills at random from the system.

Caves’ equipment system is also rich and diverse for players to personalize their characters with impressive combat abilities. Fortunately, each type of equipment has its own unique skills, and they have multiple ratios to trigger additional effects depending on the weapon’s attributes. In the future, players will collect more rare weapons from the scattered rewards and even upgrade them directly in the dungeon.

What’s in this Mod version?


  • Unlimited Money (Money and diamonds increase when spent)


  • Not update

How to download and install Caves Roguelike Mod

You can download this game at

B1. Click the Download button at the bottom

B2. Save the file to your device’s downloads folder.

B3. Please open the download folder of your device and select the downloaded   Caves Roguelike Mod  to install it and wait for the installation to complete.

B4. Once done, you can open the app and experience it right away.

Note: Erase the original from your device before installing this MOD, and remember to set up your phone to allow downloading and installing applications of unknown origin.

Modvui wishes you a great experience with your favorite games.

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