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Immerse yourself in the GTA game world and let your characters participate in exciting actions, following an exciting adventure. Do everything you want on Block City wars Mod, as you explore the huge open world map. Here, you can transform into a gangster, racer, assassin or even have to fight with zombies to protect the city. Let’s learn about this fascinating game with MODVUI.COM!

What is Block City wars Mod?

This is a game with a somewhat similar setting to many of the famous GTA titles. However, it comes with unique graphics and smoother physics. Therefore, you will find this game to be relatively faster than GTA games.

What’s more, you will have the opportunity to explore the vast world in Block City wars Mod, where anything is possible. Choose between diverse activities, from doing regular jobs to completing assassin missions. Here, you will let your character roam the city and enjoy the epic gameplay.

Most importantly, you will get to know the incredible Battle Royale gameplay, which is not always available on other games.

Attractive features in Block City wars Mod

Enjoy the exciting gameplay with a variety of modes

To start, gamers in Block City wars Mod will be introduced to many interesting game modes in addition to your own adventure:

  • Free Battles – for new players you will get acquainted with aspects of the game by participating in free matches online. Here, you can explore the entire city instead of a limited area.
  • Zombie Rush – those who want to test their melee skills with zombies or become a zombie yourself, this is the right mode for you. The game will start with a player selected as a zombie, there will be a lot of blood and powerful attacks. All remaining players will become humans and are given some melee weapons.
  • Cops and bandits – in this game mode you will be chosen as a prisoner or a law enforcement force. Your goal is very simple to escape from the prison before the time expires as a robber or stop the prisoner from escaping as a cop.

Block City wars Mod – Explore the huge open world

With the huge megalopolis available on your mobile device, Android gamers will have the opportunity to explore a variety of unique gameplay. Besides, you will get to travel at different locations, explore many places, fly over skyscrapers, cruise the seas and more.

Choose any battle you want

To shorten the travel time between different locations, the game also has a lot of interesting trips that you can try. You can ride on your own on your favorite sports cars, powerful maneuvering cycles, epic jet packs, military helicopters flying in the sky. In total, there are more than 50 different types of vehicles for you to choose from and the number is constantly increasing over time.

For fans of the famous Minecraft game, when playing Block City wars Mod you will find similar graphics with easy to understand and equally attractive gameplay. Not to mention that playing in the unique GTA style will bring many new elements to you.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Note: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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