AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod

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In AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod, players will be able to visit many different battlefields. The collection of campaigns and different historical world wars can take the player hours of sifting on the way to ultimate victory. Even then, the fun of experiencing Total War will never end.

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About AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod

AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod is a modified version of the original version. By using Total War Strategy Mod, you can easily complete any mission and requirement in the game easily.

Usually you need to spend a lot of time or money to get the rewards easily, but by using the Mod version, then you will achieve your goal in a very short time.

Background in the game AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod

This game is set in the Shogun era, in which you will be a Shogun and use his Katana weapon to guide Samurai warriors under the barricade into the battlefield, to conquer feudal Japan. .

Japan in 1192, many clans are at war for supremacy. The growing power of the dynasty in the game, you are the head of a clan, you have found a way and aroused the admiration of the emperor and made the Shogun.

The enemy’s daimyo prepares to challenge your samurai to battle with their armies and impending war.

Gameplay in AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod

In AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod, you can strengthen your army by recruiting legendary Samurai, Ronin, monks and fearsome warriors. Besides, players can also import deadly buses from Europe. Master the art of war by becoming a master strategist on the battlefield.

You must find a way to survive the betrayals and internal conflicts that will make your reign difficult. You must also learn to defend yourself against enemy Ninjas by mastering the sword with your katana.

Step into the position of a clan leader and through the military, economic and diplomatic conflicts that make the shogunate and your dynasty will flourish until 1868.

Preserve a lasting empire by guiding the Ronin in the Bushido (a warrior’s path) and prepare to guide them into becoming a fearsome and respectable Samurai, until you achieve fame. Great Shogun, your heir will eventually appear and conquer all of Japan.

This epic samurai game perfectly combines different types of games: War games, turn-based strategy, management games, RPGs. Let’s become Shogun in AoD Shogun: Total War Strategy Mod. Draw your katana and command your samurai on the battlefield to conquer feudal Japan in the era of total war.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlimited money


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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