Among Us Mod APK 2023.10.24 (Menu, Speed, No Cooldown, Unlock, v.v)

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Among Us is a game that once ruled the world, it will be fun to join the game and accuse your friends of being sus. This game has just had a new updated version that includes a hot air balloon map that brings a more interesting experience to the player.

If you find it too easy to spot fakers among your friends, the manufacturer has selected and selected Mods to challenge you. From skin customization to brand new modes, ensuring the best features for players. Join MODVUI.COM to learn about this super attractive game!

Add roles to the game

With this Mod version there will be up to four new roles. Additional roles go beyond the usual consort or impostor division by adding engineer, joker, nurse and officer to the game. This, in turn, will give the crew members personal power to spice up the game and make it more engaging than before. Here’s a brief summary of how each new role works:

– Engineer: Can repair anywhere on the entire map in an emergency and is free to use the vent.
– Joker: Not a member of the crew or an impostor. Your only goal now is to be voted off the ship to win.
– Nurse: You are allowed to give another crew member a protective shield (the shield will break when you die). You also get a report containing hints about the killer when they find the dead body.
– Officers: There are technically roles on your team, but they also have the ability to kill other players. Their goal is to kill the impostor. Conversely, if they shot an innocent crew, they would die.

If you want to play additional roles make sure you have the Mod version installed.

Chat with other members

Among Us Mod breaks some of the usual rules of the past, which is to have more chat with nearby players through the CrewLink Neighborhood Chat Mod. Previously, the only communication options in the game were to use the chat window to message each other, conduct an emergency meeting using phone communication on Discord.

For the old version, prevent players from chatting and keep quiet while performing tasks, not allowing teammates to exchange with fakers. However, with this Mod version will allow you to exchange with friends or even enemies nearby without being forced to reveal confidential information.

Exciting Zombie Role

In the zombie secret custom mode, you will turn the impostor into a zombie. Instead of killing the crew without proof, your job is to infect others on board. There aren’t any emergency meetings or opportunities to sabotage and the team’s only goal is to complete the mission. This makes it easier for you to complete the tasks in Among Us Mod, giving players an extremely interesting experience.

Among Us Mod is a modified version of the original application, developed by a third party and has nothing to do with the manufacturer. In this Mod version you will encounter a series of obstacles that hinder your normal activities. There is no doubt that this is an extremely interesting game with a fascinating storyline.

What features does this MOD version have?


  • Unlock them all


  • Show Crew/Impostor
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • End Vote
  • Move-In Meeting
  • Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • No Door Cooldown
  • Force All Enter Vent
  • Sabotage Lights
  • Close Doors
  • See Ghost + Chat
  • Complete Tasks
  • Select Text
  • Spam
  • Color Picker
  • SpeedVote Color
  • Always Impostor
  • End game
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked Pets
  • Unlocked Hats
  • Long Random Skins
  • Unlocked Skins

Note: Delete the original before downloading the MOD

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