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The art of making cars is not something you can learn just by looking. Car fans are sure to enjoy this amazing mobile title by 3DTuning Mod, as the game will allow you to create your amazing cars from scratch. Here, the mobile title introduces many of the car’s authentic details and components that are needed for the car to function. Learn how to build a car with MODVUI.COM!

Story in 3DTuning Mod

In 3DTuning Mod, Android gamers will have the opportunity to comfortably work with a unique 3D vehicle configurator, providing many models for you to freely explore and customize. Feel free to explore the huge collection of cars, bikes and trucks from the mobile game, while learning more about their specific constructions and mechanics.

At the same time, the game will let you explore your chosen cars in detail, with realistic car interiors and interactive tuning options. Explore the many parts inside your car and find out what can be added and removed. Also, feel free to have fun with the custom car gameplay, as you freely design and make your car look more interesting.

Most importantly, with 3DTuning Mod gamers will have access to an exciting online community. Here you can meet other like-minded gamers in your own automotive network. Join a variety of exciting online games as you challenge each other to tweak and customize matches, and let others vote for winners. Or simply create and share your amazing automotive creations anytime.

Great features in 3DTuning Mod

There are many cars to choose from

To make the game more interesting, 3DTuning Mod also offers a full collection of cars, trucks and bikes. Therefore, you can easily choose your preferred models. Have fun discovering brand new cars with the latest technologies. Or explore the popular models of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. All of that, will allow you to enjoy the great mobile game to the fullest.

Provide actual data from the vehicles you have selected

You can try out realistic car models right away in 3DTuning, which offers more than 1000 models with realistic visualizations and 3D models. And most importantly, you can also learn everything you want to know regarding the vehicles, as the game will provide its in-depth specifications and item descriptions. Learn about specific car designs, sizes, engines, and even find locations where you can find car dealerships.

Take amazing pictures and share it with your friends online

You can also use the augmented reality option in 3DTuning to create your own realistic images. Here you are free to add your selected cars to the actual settings, which will allow your 3D models to look more realistic and ensure that you can get great images. Great with your car.

With simple yet extremely informative gameplay, 3DTuning Mod allows gamers to explore the world of amazing cars, bikes and trucks, each with precise design and realistic elements. private. Here you can learn more about your favorite cars and also have fun with the actual configurator.

What are the features in this MOD version?


  • Unlock car
  • Unlock all paid content


  • Not update

Attention: Remove the original version before downloading the MOD

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